Republicans Decide A Bad Idea To Help The Unemployed Is Suddenly A Good Idea To Help Others

The Republican Party states that they vote on principle and they obstruct on principle. According to them, their principles are sacrosanct, that is all fine and good. The democrats stand by their vision and their platform as well, usually. These five years we have been watching as the two struggle at the impasse that their conflicting vision for our nation has imposed, some more flexible than others, a sprinkling of republicans and most of the democrats including our President. To the utter frustration to many progressives, our democratic lawmakers and President have compromised more than enough. My issue is this; when can we say that the principles that the Republican Party hold so dear are deeply flawed when it comes to the majority of the people living and trying to succeed or at least stay afloat in this country. It started in the 1970’s when the right embraced the supply-side economic theory of Milton Friedman and the Austrian school of economics, that low taxes and deregulation lead to more wealth at the top which thereby trickles down to the rest and deregulation allows more freedom in the marketplace, moreover the “free market” self corrects and self polices itself in a more perfect way than when the lumbering hand of government interferes. Well I have news for the right; we have had 40 odd years of this experiment and it has gone horrendously awry, yes I will give them that the uberwealthy are happy, the rest of us, not at all.
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