Plutocrats Despising the Poor: An American Tradition

I am often surprised that the hit show “Undercover Bosses” doesn’t spark a widespread revolution beyond the minimum wage strikes going on right now in many of our major cities. The show highlights exactly what many progressives are saying, C.E.O’s don’t exhibit or have any special talent that justifies their 300% premium over the average worker, what we see instead are the hard working employees training those “undercover bosses” and then at the end everyone is witness to some sorry version of a corporate feel good fairytale ending. I believe that receiving inordinate sums of money based on an arbitrary perception of entitlement wreaks havoc on a person’s psyche and that is what we are seeing right now; these billionaires are convinced that they deserve what they have; they have forgotten that what they have is really due to stock manipulation, tax code manipulation, shady business practices, not at all the product of good old-fashioned hard work. The only way that one can become a billionaire is through exploitation, pure and simple. There is nowhere on this Earth, that a billionaire can come about his or her billions on their own, while paying every employee a living wage, while engaging in sustainable environmental practices and adhering to fair trade, it isn’t possible. Being successful means more than racking up billions, it means being able to contribute something positive to society, being kind and being fair. These billionaires trying to shame us into silence, deep down know this and are ashamed.
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