A Hand Up Is Not a Handout

I think that the basic issue is that, beyond the obvious problem of semantics and selective definitions, from the republican point of view; I believe that they equate money with moral standing; money equals moral superior, poverty equals moral failing. I completely disagree with this simplistic overview of humanity, but I think that this is the only explanation that makes sense given the republican’s policy decisions. How else to explain the billions of dollars given away to the wealthy class in tax code just because the Republican Party deems them “job creators” even though all available data proves that this isn’t so. Moreover it explains why the Republican Party finds it so repugnant to help those who need some support; they find it to be a moral failing and they won’t even take the time to explore the how’s and the why’s; they are content to accept the simple puritan dictate that wealth is a sign from God even though it takes the working poor two jobs to keep afloat; that is beside the point. That is the flaw of the Republican Party; they are complacent in their thinking, they rely on proverbs, biblical quotes, there isn’t any rigorous intellectual examination as to the how’s and why’s. Along this line of thinking then they are correct, with people like themselves in government, government isn’t the solution. It is only when we elect people who are analytical and problem solving will we get government that works.
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