Did Bob Corker Taint The UAW’s Volkswagen Union Election? And If So, Will He Get Away With It?

My feeling is that Senator Corker’s “free speech” carries more weight than your ordinary person; as a senator who actually has the power to legislate laws and vote on future subsidies, what he says can actually impact the business dealings in Tennessee. Therefore his words may have carried enough of a veiled threat to influence the vote, perhaps another vote should be held. However I am sadly vindicated by his words and actions to be able to state that there is no such thing as a “free market” and that the Republican Party subconsciously know this to be true. Because if Senator Corker truly believed to his core that the “free market” would triumph then he would have let things be and the all knowing “free market” would have delivered the correct outcome. Remember this was between the workers and their employer, government wasn’t in the equation, not until the Governor and Senator Corker put their more than two cents in. They were the ones to impose government into the equation, an obvious contradiction to what they preach day in and day out. Personally I would think that the workers at Volkswagon in Tennessee who wanted to be union must be so frustrated, they have to know that over in Germany their German counterparts make at least 38 dollars an hour, today must be such a bad day for morale.
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