Turns Out Anti-Union Volkswagen Workers May Have Screwed Themselves And The South

Yesterday when I commented on Corker’s interence in the vote and I referenced the fact that his speech isn’t in this instance “free speech” because as a Senator he has the power to legislate and take action in economic policy. My comment was criticized. I still hold to what I said. His statements were very clear in the press; a vote for the union could be a vote against jobs and the Governor didn’t help either with his anti-union rhetoric. In this case, the republicans involved should have followed their own ideology, keep government out of the workplace. What was happening between employees and their employer should have remained exactly that, it would have worked out fine in the end. The Republican Party needs to get over their irrational hatred of anything union. The unins have done so many great things for the worker during its long history, enough with demonizing it. The unions represent a push for qualtity, equity and equality; whereas this right to work doesn’t mean what it says, in reality it means a race to the bottom for employees everywhere. Unions used to level the playing field in the standoff between capital and labor, nowadays the unions having been severely weakened, capital holds all of the cards and labor doesn’t have any bargaining power whatsoever, what kind of working lives are we accepting for ourselves? What capital has forgotten is that without labor or consumers they are nothing. We need to remember that.
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    1. Thanks! Governor Nikki Hayley went one further and said any company welcoming unions is not welcome in her state. Craziness I say. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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