House Republicans Want Budget Cuts For Seniors, But Not For Insurance Companies

Seriously, Mister Speaker? The very fact that the gross increase of income inequality has happened between 2009 and 2013 should be illustrative that President Obama has done nothing to curb the success and the wealth of the 1% and yet you still call him out to the carpet for making the 1%’s lives miserable; au contraire the 1% are laughing ll the way to the bank. Mister Boehner as long as you and your party misread all of the economic data, believe in disproven economic ideology and willfully ignore scientific fact, you will be driving our economy and our people into the ground. A responsible party would divvy up the risks and rewards fairly and justly and I know that you cannot with a straight face, under oath, say that your party has fairly and equitably done that with all of your budgets and legislative bills. You have to know that you are only governing for a small yet very powerful segment of our nation. Be a man and admit it, then let’s see if you get re-elected. First of all own up to the falling deficit and also own up to the fact that because of the obstruction generated by the Republican Party, our future deficits will be due to a serious deficiency in our infrastructural, educational and technological investments. Our problems with our aging population would be alleviated if we had the foresight to endow our present youth with the tools to succeed, instead of coddling Big Business.
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