‘The Wrong Side of History’

Historically, it seems that the South has always been anti-union, I am not entirely sure why, is it a culture thing or a class thing? I would think that after having their economy upended by the abolition of slavery and the devastation of the Civil War, that they as a region, would have wanted to forge a new economy from the ground up, not try to rebuild the old economy based on exploitative practices. I know that the old wealth as seen in the movie Gone with the Wind is so very romantic, but it was a wealth that was built on the backs of slavery, free labor, it is a wealth that is immoral and unsustainable and trying to rebuild that immense wealth on the backs of ill paid employees is in my mind morally wrong. What the conservatives fail to understand in their computations between who pays for what, is that when the wealthy grow unfettered, it is always the taxpayer who pays for it, maybe not outright, but always indirectly; through bad housing policy, bad educational policy and so on and so forth. The Republican Party slams the concept of government, calling it interfering, freedom sucking and overbearing, yet how do they themselves act when they are at the helm of government? When it came to the vote for unionization, Corker was being an interfering and freedom sucking government official; seeking to limit the economic freedom of his constituents, all in the name of his ideology.
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