Mitt Romney, Chris Christie To Appear Together At Fundraiser

I think that part of the reason that there is so much blowback from the BridgeGate scandal is due to who Chris Christie is as a person and a politician. He has conducted himself as a bully during town hall meetings and in my opinion that is unnecessary, distasteful, disrespectful and has no place in our public forums. As Governor, Chris Christie works for the people of New Jersey, his utter dismissal of certain groups and callous behavior towards them, has no place in a public servants’ behavioral repertoire. Moreover, Christie’s political campaigning has signaled to everyone that he has eyes on the White House, no matter how much he “doth protest” . I find it interesting that he is fundraising with Mitt Romney, who in his documentary, found him wanting as a Vice Presidential nominee due to his character flaw as a heavy person, which I find to be a character flaw of Romney’s, to be that judgmental and narrow minded. These two politicians are well suited for each other, even if Mitt Romney may not have been able to see it in 2012, they feel that only a certain group deserve to be heard and governed, as opposed to those that need to get out of the way because they are only burdens to society. What I find sadly ironic is that, the 1% are the real parasites, whereas labor is the true producer of wealth, much more so than capital which Romney and Christie embody and represent.
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