America’s Cruel Political Math — Where the Working Poor Equal Less Than Zero

I should clarify that I am a progressive so my view is most assuredly as left as you get. All that I ask for is that we embrace opportunity, possibility and differences in our society; the way that it ought to be. I would have thought that by the 21st century, we would have evolved much farther along than what they had written about in the 18th century, the Age of Enlightenment. Why are we stalled? I have decided that everything around us, what we think is real is really only our perceptions and those perceptions make our reality. When trickle down economics came along in 1980, it was presented to us by former President Reagan, perceived with great love and admiration by a large number of the American populace, and the Republican Party so it made sense to let our perceptions guide our reality, it was unproven as of yet, but we had faith; now it is four decades later and we have enough empirical data to let new perceptions guide us to a new reality. The evidence is there, it is sad, but we have to face it; we have been scammed by the 1%, that is our reality and we need to change it by changing our previous perceptions. We deserve value, we are the labor that drives the capital and the economy, not the other way around. It is time that we accept that perception, it will do much to change our reality for the better.
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