Anderson Cooper Demolishes Arizona Politician Supporting Homophobic Bill

Kudos to Anderson Cooper! His systemic dismantlement of any logical progression to the Senator’s thought process was priceless. I especially appreciated Cooper’s example of unwed mothers and religious discrimination, in light of the recent movie Philomena; it wasn’t so long ago that unwed mothers had their rights abrogated all in the name of religion. The Senator was so clearly uncomfortable and it was very apparent to the viewer that as soon as words left his mouth, that they didn’t sound the same as they did in the privacy of his own mind and bigotry. I am a little confused about the legality of the law in terms of our separation between Church and State, how can we pass a law protecting religious freedom that first and foremost discriminates against another person. Is it because the law isn’t addressing religious discrimination between religions? There is a joke about the only Biblical reference of men lying together; something about when two men lay together, the man then must be stoned, hee, hee. A little cannabis humor, I don’t suppose that Arizona is going to legalize marijuana anytime soon because that would indeed be funny. I do not understand how any one person’s sexual orientation can offend another. It is in these instances that I feel that religion does far more harm than good, it institutionalizes bigotry, judgment and intolerance. If we worshipped humanity and all of its quirks, talents, and frailties, perhaps the world would be a more peaceful place.
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    1. Thanks, I am going to check it out 🙂

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