5 Ways Your Life Is Going To Change Because Of Obamacare

For all of the complaining and criticizing, I think that our President did a courageous thing when he used his first two honeymoon years to push through the ACA. It is far from perfect, but it has now put us directly on the path of accepting and embracing healthcare as a right and not a privilege. What Reagan did when he signed the law mandating that all hospitals be legally bound to treat people regardless of whether they can pay or not did a lot of harm to the health care coverage debate and to our long term medical economy. At the time it may have seemed to be the compassionate thing to do, but it didn’t solve anything long lasting, it was a stop gap measure. Here President Obama has found a solution and now that it is in play we can see how it works, the beauty of it is its flexibility vis a vis the states, I can’t wait to see how Vermont fares with its single payer edition of the ACA. That will be exciting because if it works there MA may follow suit. Furthermore in terms of criticizing the ACA, the CBO came out with its assessment of the Republican House’s own replacement bill and they scored it as contributing 73 Billion dollars to the deficit and it decreases coverage by around 500,00, so essentially for all of the ACA’s complexity it still has a better outcome financially than the republican version.
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