House GOP Votes To Take ‘Consumer’ Out Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Seriously can the Republican Party be any less shy about who they really represent? Teddy Roosevelt himself recognized that the American people needed the government on their side to redress the balance of power between the consumer and big business. He, being a member of the wealthy class, knew full well how much power was wielded by his class and fought tooth and nail to do long lasting things about it such as the Anti-Trust law which sadly since the days of Reagan’s administration seem to have gathered mothball on the books. His nephew FDR took up the fight as well from the democrat’s side, but I think that they were so very effective and so passionate about the plight of the less fortunate for two reasons, they were born into it and knew the mentality inside and out and their life experiences gave them first hand contact with how hard it was surviving on one’s own; Teddy Roosevelt spent time as New York’s Police Commissioner and F.D.R spent time down with the farmers in Tennessee while undergoing treatment at a spa for his polio. Presently we have Senator Warren, who did the American consumer a huge service establishing this agency, precisely because she dealt with these problems on an academic level, there is no balance of power between the consumer and big business, the businesses have all of the power and the consumer none, perhaps she was channeling some of Teddy’s spirit in having government protect the little guy.
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