Obamacare Alternative Divides House Republicans

I appreciate the Republican Party moving away from the ridiculous repeal aspect of thier health care coverage agenda. At last they have come up with somethng to replace what they want to repeal, it may not be the best thing for the average consumer but at least it is forcing more discussion about where we want to go with universal health care coverage. The differences between the ACA and the new republican proposal, I think, lies in who should be on the hook and how much on the hook. What always gets me are the republican pundits who always fall back to “who is going to pay for it?” when they are confronted with a difficult question that doesn’t fit in with their talking points. They rarely acknowledge that when the health care insuracne companies make insane porfits, we the average consumers are in fact paying through the nose to get those companies their profits. We already pay the hefty premiums, the co-payments and the other out of pocket costs such as labs, presciptions and what not. The newest republican proposal’s difference from the ACA is that the average consumer will be hit even harder with out of pockets costs, in the famos republican talking point “having more skin in the game” honestly I am tired of feeling like I’m being skinned alive to give these health care companies the profits they so desperately need. I think that the republican proposal will bring these concerns to the forefront.
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