A Brief History Of The Republican Alternative To Obamacare: Your Sunday Morning Conversation

I think that this article highlights the fact that the Republican Party has completely lost its way when it comes to actually governing; they have found that it is far easier and safer to sit on the sidelines criticizing and heckling than to take a political risk and write some good legislation that would actually address an important problem. The crux of the issue however, to our misfortune, is that the health insurance companies benefit from the status quo, their mission is to make money, so the Republican Party is behind whatever the health insurance companies need. However I would argue that part of the reason why the Republican Party can’t come up with a viable alternative to the ACA is that whatever they have come up with either would infringe on the health care insurance companies or would affect the deficit poorly. I think that they have privately come to realize that the ACA is a hard act to follow and that is why they despise it so much. The ACA will eventually be seen as the third prong to the social insurance program; Social Security, Medicare and ACA. I believe that these programs should be no brainers; the elderly shouldn’t ever have to fear abject poverty and no recourse for health problems, as we should be able to view health care as a right and not a privilege. We like to see ourselves as an industrialized, civilized first world nation, you would think that we would legislate as one.
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  1. Not that I think they were ideal, but Republicans have offered tangible health care reforms since at least 2009, including the current session. The most prominent was likely the American Health Care Reform Act of 2013.

    In any case, I don’t have such high hopes on the longevity of the ACA. I’ve just thought it was as a pretext for a single-payer system, like you suggested by saying receiving health care should be a right.

    1. I do sincerely hope that we eventually adopt a single payer system and they may have offered alternative plans but either they were shelved right away or they found out from the CBO that their plan didn’t do much for our economy.

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