Paul Ryan Criticizes ‘Haphazard’ And Ineffective Anti-Poverty Programs

But of course Paul Ryan is going to present a lengthy and detailed paper on the state of affairs regarding our “War on Poverty” and find it lacking and doomed for failure. But of course he is then going to use this report to throw the baby out with the bath water, end of story, washing his hands of the entire issue by smugly telling America “see all these programs didn’t work and government can’t fix poverty”. Therein lies my issue with his vision as a conservative, as a person and as a member of congress. I take issue with the fact that he cherry picked his facts and studies to only show his narrative, he never took into account how the lives of poor people would be without these programs, moreover he does not offer any analysis as to what can be done to improve any of them, his conclusion is that they have failed and thus they must be done away with, government has no place in helping the poor. I find his views on what the government can and should be able to do with regard to people’s economic lives to be hypocrisy to the nth power. He uses his power in congress to write laws and negotiate for lower tax rates for the wealthy, tax breaks a plenty for them and the least amount of regulation for corporations, and he tries to argue that government does not affect or can’t affect the economic circumstances of people?
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