Four Things You Might Not Want to Know About the Conflict in Ukraine

I think that this is a fine article and the first that I have read, that addresses the more salient points of what is happening with reason and mindfulness, amidst all of the others that are based mostly on talking points. There is, as usual, a lot of history that led to this point, such as how the Soviet Union unraveled politically, economically and socially and at certain points we might have helped and ushered in a new era of partnership, but we didn’t. But that is neither here nor there, we can’t go back in time to redress the lack of action or the actions that were taken, we can only go forward and I hope that our President stands true to the current path that he has taken. I hope that he ignores the right wing clarion calls for aggressive measures, we are spent militarily and speaking of our military, we seriously lack the moral high ground in this instance, we can thank former President Bush and Dick Cheney for that. I still can’t believe that Secretary of State John Kerry had the gall to say what he said to Bob Schieffer Sunday morning. How he didn’t choke on his words was beyond me. Moreover the Republican Party needs to make up their mind; they are blasting our President for being weak, yet whenever our President shows his strength, they blast him for being a tyrant, We have few options, hopefully, let them be enough.
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