Michele Bachmann Hits Hillary Clinton: ‘We Will Have A Woman President, Just The Right One’

I would argue that from the conservative, republican worldview; they would not elect a woman as President. John McCain picked Sarah Palin because she was a woman, hoping to cancel out the African-American and level the playing field in the hopes of bringing in those more forward minded independents. Moving away from that, if you look at what the Republican Party says when they are campaigning and when they are in office, they do not respect women, they are frightened of women and they do not understand women. You only have to look at their record regarding reproductive rights to get an understanding of how little they understand women and do not respect their freedom, their intelligence or their moral values. Moreover the fact that the Republican Party couches their rhetoric in biblical verse and uses religious teachings to justify their positions gives me pause with religion. THe Bible was written primarily be men, interpreted by men and preached to by men so it will inevitably be a man’s worldview devoid of what represents women. I have a hard time reconciling how men can use the Bible to justify their legislative agenda from such a one-sided viewpoint.
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