‘They’re Not Dead Yet’: Planning The Demise Of Labor Unions At CPAC

I don’t understand how any worker can deliberately support a “Right to Work” law. Everyone has the right to work in this country, that is obvious. However what is far less obvious, I guess, is that the right to work laws means that you don’t have the right to higher pay. By accepting the “Right to Work” paradigm you are essentially accepting to work for anything that the employer is comfortable giving you. That to me is unacceptable. Labor is valuable and labor can and should be a partner with capital. The question remains how much power can labor have in the relationship with capital. That is where the unions comes in, when unions are in play they collect all of the voices and the power of their workers to present a united front against capital. I don’t understand how so many workers, especially down south don’t see that with the loss of the unions in the private sector, they have lost that strong united front against capital and now they are reaping the poor wages, the economic insecurity and the powerlessness that they have sown. There is much power in economic freedom and haven’t the anti-unionists seen how much economic freedom that they have lost?Just look at Boeing and the fight between the Northwest workers and the Southeast workers, it should have been about the Southern workers saying how do we get paid living wages, instead of we will work for so much less. Sad isn’t it?
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