Democrats Will Try Long-Shot Maneuver To Bring Back Unemployment Benefits

The discharge petition may prove to be futile, but at least it will display exactly who is voting against providing some economic relief in times of desperate need. It is no longer a secret that potential employers discriminate against the long-term unemployed, they also discriminate against the more experienced because they cost more; the employer holds all of the power because they just can, there isn’t really any recourse to those who unfortunately are fighting against too many in the same boat and the Republican Party has made it a point to withhold federal aid in even allowing job creating bills to make it onto the House floor for a vote. Paul Ryan told a story at CPAC, that he completely took out of context, stating that a poor boy didn’t want government to pay for his lunch, he wanted his own lunch he wanted someone to care about him. The original story was that the boy simply wanted his sponsored lunch to be presented a paper bag so tat it looked like everyone else’s so there wouldn’t be the stigma, but those lunches were vital to that poor boy who eventually grew to be the man who wrote the book where Paul Ryan took the story from and twisted it upside down. The social safety net doesn’t just help those in times of dire need, it is also a way to stimulate the economy, those dollars flow back int the cycle as purchased goods and services, clearly not wasted.
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