Florida Special Election Results: David Jolly Wins House Seat In State’s 13th District

Where to begin? The factors are long to list to explain this race, but my immediate thought was how prevalent was Fox News viewership in this district? If this race was a referendum on the Affordable Care Act then we need to weigh the effects of all the negative, false advertising against the passive debunking after the fact. It isn’t a winning strategy to come from behind a fear based lie and try to convince those already anxious that it isn’t true and that the law is actually in their favor. According to recent scientific studies the conservative mind is very different from the progressive mind and those physiological differences in the brain make for some difficult political discussions and doesn’t lend itself to much persuasion. The progressive mind is more likely to be comfortable with uncertainty whereas the conservative lives more in the black and white, very distrustful of the grey areas. The negative ads surrounding the ACA just reinforce what the conservative populace has already been told by the republican leadership, who know exactly how to stoke those inherent fears that reside amongst their constituents. The conservative mindset seems to be set on protecting the concept of “what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours” the fears of the other is quite dominant in their worldview. I know that “if only” doesn’t do much good and we need to move on, but how? We need to turn the negative into the positive, but again how?
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