Samantha Bee Finds Out Medicare Funds Penis Pumps, Tries To High-Five NARAL’s Ilyse Hogue

Well it is nice to see that the double standard inherent within the Republican Party goes far beyond just money. So not only does the Republican Party have the double standard when it comes to taxes, subsidies, welfare and sex, but it has been expanded to sexual practices and how they are covered. It is such a travesty. Rachel Maddow is outraged and rightly so that the Michigan legislature has made it illegal for insurance companies to cover abortions even in cases of rape and now requires women to purchase additional riders in case of unwanted pregnancies and now I see this? Our republican legislators are bound and determined to make women’s reproductive freedoms and hence economic freedoms something to be ashamed of and it isn’t as if the economic life of your average working person isn’t hard enough, but these attacks on women rights are onerous and unjust. How do these republicans square away in their minds that society as a whole is best served when men of Medicare age have their erectile disfunction needs taken care of with taxpayers money while women of childbearing years have to bear the brunt of the economic responsibility of all things that happen with their reproductive systems regardless of what occurs inside their bodies? I would have no problem with Medicare providing coverage for all things penis related as long as the Republican Party stays out of my reproductive system, my office visits and what my insurance plan covers come what may.
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