John McCain Unloads On Senate Republicans: ‘I Haven’t Been Embarrassed This Way’

Thank goodness John McCain was never elected President, I shudder to think how many military escapades we would have been embroiled in by now. I know that he is fighting for aid to the Ukrainian people, but I am sure that inwardly he is chomping at the bit to sock it to Putin. Using Reagan to move his fellow republicans to join with him was almost touching. Myself, a progressive, I just get angry when I hear Ronald Reagan’s name. He was by far the worst President for the middle class, the working class and the poor ever. He started the revolution that unraveled decades of progress and prosperity launched by F.D.R and the New Deal. Reagan did this all because he held government in disdain, poor people in disdain and worshipped wealth and power. His adoption of as H.W. Bush coined it “voodoo economics” led to the great income redistribution upwards, the beginnings of the ever widening income inequality gap that we are now so concerned about, he and his partners in crime led the way to financial deregulation and convinced a horde of underlings that it was the fastest way to regaining the Gilded Age of those chosen few, never mind that it could potentially sink the global economy, who cares they were getting wealthier by the minute. The worst words ever uttered by any President were the ones said by Reagan “government is the problem” No Mister Reagan you were the problem, not the government.
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