House Republicans Want To Sue The President For Not Arresting People For Marijuana

This ENFORCE bill has republican hypocrisy written all over it, especially when it comes to the sanctity of State’s rights for the Republican Party. They, as a united front, are singleminded in their devotion to the protection of State’s right over Federal jurisdiction and “tyranny”, yet they want to sue President Obama over his non-enforcement of federal law as it relates to marijuana. Moreover I am sure that they are still nursing their wounds when President Obama asked the Justice department to stop prosecuting DOMA and how he issued the executive order to stop actively seeking deportation of young undocumented students who were doing well in their community and schools. The republican lawmakers are angry that our President is cherry picking laws to enforce, well I am angry that they are cherry picking issues to work on and especially when the issues that they pick have no bearing on the serious problems that we face as a nation. They could at least acknowledge and debate the latest budget that the Progressive Caucus has unveiled, but no it languishes in anonymity, even in the media. The American people need to hear about it and have its goals and its content compared to Paul Ryan’s budget so that the American people can see that there are some in government who have seriously thought of the 99%, our infrastructure, our educational system and employment. But no the Republican Party chooses to focus its energy drafting ENFORCE as a reprimand to our President.
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