Condoleezza Rice Urges Republican Party To Be More Inclusive

I wonder if Condaleeza Rice enjoys any credibility within the tea party circle. I know that given her role as Secretary of State under Bush and the Iraq War, she has none whatsoever in progressive circles. I would argue that this lack of credibility would extend itself to other political issues as well. I am curious as to why she didn’t present any policy ideas, she must have some idea of what needs to be done, given her experiences in Washington D.C, her life, her time in academia and her experiences in the private sector. Since she basically told her audience that they need to be inclusive, that means that she knows that they are backpedalling back in their attempts to change their direction. Why didn’t she call for a 180 change of direction in voting right laws? Why didn’t she encourage them to stop the war on drugs and adopt the legalization of marijuana as their issue? She could have reminded them that they, as a party, believe in keeping government out of a person’s private lives and exhort them to show that in a new restraint legislating the women’s reproductive rights and privacy laws. She might have also reminded them that the youth market is much more open and liberal on social issues and if they want to garner their support they need to offload the blinders and open their minds to change. Why didn’t she offer any policy direction? That is telling on its own.
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