Ted Cruz Logging Serious Time In Iowa

If Ted Cruz seriously makes a go of running for President then he will be putting the Republican Party for all to see on record as the rascist party it is and they will not be able to deny it. All of the birtherism attacks, the rampant in your face disrespect to our President and the repeated attacks on his legitimacy as our Commander-in-Chief will be highlighted by the presidential campaign of a Canadian-American of Cuban descent. Because how in the final analysis can you entertain the legitimacy of a Ted Cruz presidency when he is born on foreign soil and deny President Obama his, when he was born in the good old U.S of A? Moreover, even if in an alternate reality, if President Obama were born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen, the same as Ted Cruz’s mother, why would Ted Cruz be acceptable and our President not? Is it only because Ted Cruz is one of the most conservative politicans out there? That he, regardless of the social and economic devastation done to the masses, pushes for the privatization of all that is the public good in our country, that if he could, he would have us all be subject to the whims of the “free market” and his corporate masters? I realize that this is a rant, but I am sick and tired of narrow-mided, bigoted politicans who only care of money and power. I would like some altruism and intelligence back in power.
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