Rand Paul Compares Republican Party To Domino’s Pizza: ‘We Need A Different Kind Of Party’

He lays blame at President Obama’s feet about the surveillance state that we live in now, but has he forgotten that it was established during the Bush/Cheney administrations and once the intelligence agencies get a toe in the door, they rapidly insert the foot and afterwards good luck getting them out. Moreover congress has consistently re-upped the Patriot Act and other legislation giving our surveillance state powers that he is now railing against. I realize that he is testing the waters and is smart enough to know that he has to claim the youth vote as President Obama has in both elections. However Rand Paul’s only connection with the youth I believe, is with his foreign policy positions. Otherwise his libertarian ideals in my opinion sound plausible on paper, but when it comes to actual governance and creating a strong, prosperous economy for more than the wealthy, his libertarian worldview doesn’t work. We can’t have a healthy economy as a nation if we are living separately as individuals; this idea that “I can do it all on my own and what is mine is mine and you are responsible for your own mess as am I” is untenable in the real world. We see it when a community faces trouble, they rally together, while also reaching out for real actual government help, because government is us. Unfortunately our form of democracy has been co-opted by corporate and wealthy interests and I don’t see Rand Paul addressing that issue.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    I like libertarianism’s criticism of cronyism between business and government, but I dislike a lot of its implications that you mention.

  2. I agree with you regarding the critiques associated between business and government, it is a tricky balance and often poorly done.

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