Hillary Clinton Subtly Creates Distance From Obama

If Hillary Clinton is positioning herself for 2016, I sincerely hope that the primary season will have Bernie Sanders and other progressives out loud and proud, talking to the issues that need to be addressed such as curtailing our humongous military industrial complex, ending the Patriot Act, reviving Glass-Steagal, brushing the cobwebs off the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, revisiting the Futures and Commodities Act, oh my goodness does the list get long. Hillary Clinton is too center for my tastes, I had high hopes for our President but alas he is too center as well for what I believe needs to get done. I support him as our President and I recognize that he has done a lot of good, but for 2016 we need to get down and dirty into the trenches and fight some serious issues to get our economy back into high gear which means tackling our trade deficit once and for all. It isn’t right that we aren’t sailing parallel to the German economic state of affairs, they have a trade surplus, higher wages and a substantial social contract; moreover their higher educational costs are something that our youth, if they knew, would be out in the streets crying “why can’t we do the same?” I know that the wealthy have done a bang up job turning the clock back against the New Deal, it is our job to once again thwart them and put ourselves back on the right course. and recreate the land of opportunity.
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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    You are so right! At this point I would pretty much give my right arm for a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren ticket (in no particular order) on the Democratic side, but big money and the power of the two party system make that virtually impossible. A Hillary Clinton Presidency means more Obama and Bill Clinton policies. As a liberal I think we can do so much better. http://www.ericbrewton.com

  2. Hillary Clinton Subtly as an Elephant in a China Shop Creates Distance From Obama by Implying He is Neville Chamberlain Incarnate While Bellowing that Putin is Adolf Hitler and Demanding WW3 Begin Now

    1. Well said, very well said 🙂

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