House Republicans Will Consider Another Budget From Paul Ryan In 2014

We constantly hear about Paul Ryan’s budget, ironically called the Road to Prosperity, but in actuality it is a budget that is written through an austerity lens, cutting support away from those who are at risk for economic insecurity and opportunity insecurity. The amount of dollars that we invest in food stamps is recouped and then some by their use in the economy. Sadly the same thing can’t be said about tax cuts to the wealthy or corporations. They take their profits and savings and invest it outside our economy. The corporations are taking their excess cash and buying back stock, they aren’t expanding their workforce because they know there isn’t the demand necessary, the average consumer is hunkering down, the recovery has’t trickled down to Main Street. Why is it that the huge economic pain swept down on Main Street like a tidal wave, yet the recovery is barely dripping down? I am so fed up with the corporate media, they purposefully ignore the budget presented by the congressional Progressive caucus. The Progressive budget asks for more tax revenue from those who can afford it and directs those monies towards investment in our infrastructure, education and all of the support structures that allows an economy to grow and prosper through a virtuous cycle of wage growth, consumer spending and renewed stability. I think that it is irresponsible of the media to ignore other pieces of our political story thus failing to present the complete picture of our political reality.
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