Koch Brothers Obamacare Ads: New Ones Suggest The Law Is Working

The Koch brothers alone are an excellent reason as to why we must overturn the Citizens’ United ruling. If they want to be in government, then campaign for an elected position; do not use your taxpayer subsidized oil and gas money to pay off congressmen, direct your ALEC colleagues and run your SuperPac campaign organizations to bombard everyone into getting your own way. How in the world is it that these two and there are the other billionaire misanthropes, think that they have the right to make the lives of everyone else to be so hard and difficult? Moreover why do the ordinary tea party republicans buy into the Koch brothers ideological campaigns? I seriously think that the word freedom has lost its meaning; when I think of someone who is obligated to work two jobs because the one doesn’t pay a sustainable wage; I don’t see pulling up from the bootstraps kind of freedom. I see employee exploitation. I am sorry, billionaires do not become billionaires on their own; it is done through exploitative business practices, lax regulation and corporate boardroom wheeling and dealing. And I think that this is the heart of the matter; the billionaires know this and they are fighting hard and dirty to preserve their way of life. If we had a progressive society of living wages and a strong social contract, billionaires may recede from the landscape and only be millionaires; outrageous n’est pas?
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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    In the midst of all of the lies they were telling they clearly got confused. LOL.

    1. I know, isn’t it rich! 😀

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