The Real Truth About Obamacare

I don’t think that we are going to get any serious answers about the overall effect of the Affordable Care Act for at least two years and even then, not every state has embraced the Medicaid expansion, the launch and support of the health exchanges haven’t been done on an equal scale, and the health insurance marketplace within different regions and even within the states themselves run the gamut from competitive, duopolies or monopolies. There are too many variables at play and the Republican Party, who as a formable bloc, have presented a continuous stream of road blocks, so between all of this how are we supposed to determine how exactly to best evaluate its performance? Moreover, the uneasy competition between the for-profit model of health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid poses more questions then its answers. Medicare keeps its health care costs far lower than the for profit model because Medicare has an impressive base to negotiate health care providers down to affordable care costs. The private model doesn’t have the same breath of numbers, so their negotiating position is far weaker and they also have those pesky investors to contend with, they want their margin of profits to be on the high side, because let’s face it, what is the point? My critique is that the Republican Party as a whole has not even tried to engage in constructive criticisms. I am tired of hearing the no’s and the can’t, how about some yes’s and why not’s instead.
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