Obama: Romney Was Wrong On Russia, Still Is

Why does it seem to me that Romney and his fellow conservatives are courting more enemies instead of trying to lessen the number that we have? I know that there has been a meme regarding the love(lust)/hate that the conservatives have towards Putin; Jon Stewart has had a fun time with it. But seriously, viewing Russia as the same threat to us as they were in the past seems to be begging actual recent history. President Obama said it very well when he described Russia as a regional power and its actions are one coming from a point of diplomatic weakness thus needing military action. I look at the region and see how far the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles have shaped the world; Ukraine is the perfect example of forced and predetermined borders, the western part used to be part of Poland and the eastern part tied to Russia and Crimea is very much a part of Russian history. the insertion of outside forces has historically made this area of the world messy in terms of RealPolitik and so to have Romney take his cookie cutter foreign policy ideas and try to ram them to fit in this situation is short-sighted and bellicose to say the least. Russia has been at the diplomatic table with us regarding Iran and Syria, progress was made and to lose that opportunity will be damaging to us and the world. This needs more nuanced maneuvers than what Romney can even imagine.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    It’s interesting to read the different conservative views on Townhall about Russia. Some say that sanctions will work, if Europe forms a united front. Pat Buchanan defends Putin. I read this article this morning. It’s simplistic in areas, but it’s more pro-Putin (or perhaps more realistic) than the bellicose, anti-Putin voices on the right:


    1. Thanks James for the link! 😀

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