Christie Lawyers Release Internal Report On Bridgegate

This is quite rich, the taxpayers paid to find out that their Governor is without responsibility in the misuse of power over public egress to a vital bridge linking many people to their places of employment and homes. This put the visual of Governor Christie waving a traffic flag directing his constituents and others to “Just move along, there is nothing to see here, keep moving along with your business and lives, NOTHING TO SEE HERE” I’ll be more interested when the independent investigation is concluded and the facts are brought to light. Aside from this, I am not a fan of Governor Christie and I am grateful that he is not my Governor. His immediate response to any questions to his policies or his ideology is to belittle and bully, two qualities that I cannot abide in any individual. He is Governor due to the will of the people, he owes them not only respect, but also the willingness to be called to the mat when there are issues that do not sit right with the constituency. I abhor the manner in which he treats his public servants and especially the teachers. I support the teacher’s unions and I sincerely believe they have gotten such a bum rap, I taught French to the little ones alongside the teachers and they welcomed and included me within their lesson plans with open arms. I saw first hand their dedication and their huge work loads, they need support, not belittlement.
read the article:


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