Christie Report Finds A Culprit: A Scorned, ‘Emotional’ Woman

REALLY?! The results of the taxpayer funded investigation performed by Governor Christie’s own legal team exonerate him by placing all the blame on an emotional woman who was dealing with a break up. They expect everyone to believe that the Governor’s deputy Chief of Staff would or even could independently order the closing of three lanes of traffic on a major bridge. I suppose they are trying to explain how a deputy Chief of Staff could even think of assuming that much power and an emotional woman, I guess, easily explains that narrative in their eyes. I, as a woman, am obviously put out by the inherent and stereotypical sexist nature of the report. I really look forward to the independent investigation because, after all, this was an abuse of power and it affected many lives negatively unnecessarily and vindicatively. But in the meantime, I don’t think that this report will endear the Christie administration to many women voters in the near future.
read the article:


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