House GOP Says It’s Too Late To Pass An Unemployment Extension

Boehner is not telling the truth, if he wanted to, he would make it work. He found a way to get a vote done when the Medicare doctors were waiting to have their reimbursements cuts replaced or offset by cuts elsewhere, he got Senator Wyden on the phone to see how his bill was shaping up and hurried back to the floor where most of his tea party brethren were out, called for a voice vote and pronounced it passed. If he could do it for the doctors which I am in favor of, he could do it for the long-term unemployed. He just doesn’t want to, he would rather see families scramble for shelter and food than to see a bit of his ideology dismissed as economically and societally wrongheaded. It has been shown that for every dollar that we as a nation invest in SNAP benefits and unemployment insurance our return is at least $1.30 whereas the return on any form od tax cut for the wealthy and corporations produces a return of $.32 cents. Who is the true parasite and taker? I wish that in 2009 we had invested and helped out the people instead of the Big Banks and Wall Street, our recovery would have been much more stable and productive in the end. An economy based on a strong foundation thrives, when it is based on a casino, it is bang and bust and fragile in its entirety, not a great legacy for the future.
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