GOP Senate Candidate Explains Why The Uninsured Are Less ‘Educated,’ ‘Sophisticated’

I disagree with his notion that the Affordable Care Act is one size fits all, every state has the flexibility to implement the law according to how they see fit, as long as they adhere to the basic principles; Vermont is seeking to go single payer and I am very excited to see how that goes. States were given the opportunity to create their own health insurance exchanges and all states were given the opportunity to expand Medicaid for their low income constituents. I am operating under the assumption that Doctor Cassidy supports Governor Jindal’s rejection of the Medicaid expansion thus forcing thousands and thousands to be without health insurance. If Doctor Cassidy was sincere in his desire to help the poor and illiterate then he would be supportive of the human component in the navigator system, another piece of the Affordable Care Act that the Republican Party has actively sabotaged by denying the funds to implement a strong navigator system to reach out to the sectors of the populace that need someone to guide them in the filling out of forms and the explanatory phase. Moreover since we are seeing that the enrollment numbers are reaching the Obama administrations goals, the job market isn’t being negatively impacted by the law and overall the people are expressing a desire for our lawmakers to improve on the law, I would argue that Doctor Cassidy and Governor Jindal are in the minority with their stubborn resistance to healthcare coverage for all.
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