Bill Clinton Has An Obamacare Message For Democrats: Don’t Run Away From It

Actually I would advise all elected democrats, progressives and even the President himself to not only take former President Clinton’s advice to heart, but more importantly, they should tune into Bill Maher’s New Rules about winning the message war and owning the Affordable Care Act. I promise these democrat and progressive lawmakers that if they took the time to stop apologizing and reacting to republican attacks and instead proactively stood up and stood proud for the ideals and plans that they wish to enact for the people, so that our nation is the place of opportunity and possibility that it was envisioned to be by our founding fathers, they would be successful. It’s not as if the republican economic agenda has been successful for the average person, we have had forty years of the Reagan experience and it has been a bang up success for the 1%, Main Street has had the opposite result; our wages have declined, our purchasing power has declined and unfortunately given those losses, using credit cards and home equity to subsidize lifestyles that were previously paid for with one income became the norm. You would think that with these facts, the democrats would be able to credibly explain their policies, but they instead try to use republican strategies and it just doesn’t work for them. They need to listen to Bill Maher, his advice is right on the mark, own what they stand for; affordable universal health insurance, living wages and common sense regulations.
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