GOP Has Built-in Advantage In Fight For The House

I have to give the Republican Party props for long term planning; they are following their overall strategy that was put in place 1970 when a memo written by Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell and presented to the Chamber of Commerce called for the creation of right wing think tanks and to build a strong presence in academic institutions, the Manhattan Institute was born along with several others such as the Hoover Institute. This intelligent and insightful memo laid the groundwork for the messaging, polling, legislative and broad overall outreach strategies that we have been subjected to ever since, even ALEC was a byproduct of this brilliant memo. The American people have been surrounded by all methods possible to influence their worldview consciously and subconsciously even linguistically,, Bill Maher touched on that two weeks ago when he was lambasting the democrats over their failure to use their language. The Republican Party for all of their faults has achieved an incredibly single minded feat to imprint their economic, political and social vision onto our country. The progressives have been playing catch up and I hope that with the proliferation of citizens activists, elected progressive legislators and better funded progressive publications, that their message will be as successfully desseminated during the next few months and years and thus progressives will be better placed to help push living wages, strong financial regulations and environmental regulations and strong fair trade policies to the forefront and make it official public policy. I sincerely hope.
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