Paul Ryan Unveils House GOP Budget, Claiming Balance

I wish that the progressive caucus’ budget received as much media attention as Paul Ryan’s budget does. Paul Ryan’s budgets all look alike except the for time stamp; his philosophy is all about blaming the poor, withholding essential resources to the poor, making their attempts to pull themselves up from their bootstraps even more difficult while providing nothing in terms of foundational support. I think that for Paul Ryan, it is all about cutting down and nothing in terms of building up. He had spoken of being a practicing Catholic, I find no evidence whatsoever in his actions of anything that Jesus would do. I have years of Catholic school under my belt, so I feel that I can offer an educated critique of what Paul Ryan’s budget proposal reflects about his religious convictions, he doesn’t really buy into Jesus’ teachings and in my mind that makes Paul Ryan a hypocrite. He is clearly a devout Ayn Rand disciple, everything about his economic philosophy points to that; Paul Ryan is at the beck and call of the Koch brothers, he will push aside the pesky poor people to make way for the necessary tax cuts and subsidies that his important constituents require. Why can’t the mainstream media for once put the progressive caucus’ budget in the forefront of their reporting so that they can inform the people that there is another vision of what can be done about how our tax dollars are managed and spent?
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