The Supreme Court Has Struck Down Overall Campaign Contribution Limits

Why does democracy have to be so hard? This ruling has gotten me even more depressed about the way the experiment established by our founding fathers that was to be a new, hopeful and shiny United States has turned out to be; we did seem to have it right for a little while, immediately after World War II. It seemed that we had captured our United States away from the Robber Barons with the help of both Roosevelt’s, Teddy and Franklin and though the sixties were a period of intense political and social turmoil, we would have muddled through as we did with our middle class still standing tall if the wealthy hadn’t started chipping away piece by piece all of the financial regulations that had been put in place to safeguard our economy and our democracy. They were also stealthy during the seventies during the 1970’s by golly, I trace it back the Supreme Court Justice Louis Powell and his memo calling for the formation of think tanks and political activity organizations as well as infiltrating educational institutions to solidify the revolving door between Wall Street, K Street and the halls of power on Capital Hill. I also tip my hat off to Reagan for his work that started the corporatization of the Supreme Court; I have to hand it to Republican Party, they were successful with their multi-pronged approach. How do we even begin to undo the damage now with this latest abomination of a ruling?
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