Charles Koch Is Sick Of ‘Collectivists’ Calling Him ‘Un-American’

I would argue that the many criticisms leveled against the Koch brothers aren’t because they are seen as un-American, but because they are greedy and power hungry. My personal problem with the Koch brothers is that they have decided that simply because they have more money than I, that their voice is more important than mine in our society. I disagree with that belief. They aren’t smarter or better than I am, yes they are billionaires, but they inherited their fortune from dear old dad. If they had started within the warm nurturing bosom of my own family they would probably not be the billionaire heirs to a petrochemical fortune, they might have found their passion in a restaurant kitchen or an atelier creating pewter candlesticks like my father. I divide my time between writing, cooking, baking and gardening, definitely not a billionaire, but I add value to the people around me. Moreover in this day and age, the issue of hoarding has gained attention in the mental health circles, would I be remiss to diagnose the Koch brothers and others like them as hoarders of money? When is enough, enough? In the end, you can’t take your billions with you , you can’t spend it all, no one has become a billionaire on their own, it is impossible; society has helped along the way so isn’t it only just that one helps others along their way? The idea of libertarianism might be appealing, but it isn’t practical societally.
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  1. What is ironic is that many conservatives and libertarians are Christians and yet the political philosophy they espouse is the direct opposite of what the Bible teaches.

    1. It is the perfect definition of irony. It is truly astounding. 🙂

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