The Return Of The Back-Alley Abortion

If the Republican Party truly believes in their ideology of smaller government, more personal freedom and personal privacy then they need to respect the Roe v Wade ruling and stop trying to force women into a corner with respect to their reproductive rights. Moreover there is a clear and distinct separation between church and state and the Republican Party has no business codifying their religious beliefs into law. Just this past week, we learned the utter hypocrisy that Hobby Lobby operates under; trying to get around the Affordable Act mandate regarding birth control, yet their investments in their company’s retirement accounts involve companies that deal with reproductive associated products; you can’t have it both ways. I have given birth to two children and I have miscarried, I have stressed over birth control and thank goodness I have always resided in the Northeast (liberal enclave) because I for one could not abide someone else telling me what and what I can not do within the sanctity of my body. The stress over birth control is that even if you take it responsibly, it can fail and the consequences are always economic and personal, having a baby is far beyond what some men can fathom, it is only right and just that the decision be left out of politics and left solely in the hands of the person who is at the center of the debate, the woman. Our taxpayer dollars fund Viagra and penal pumps, they can fund birth control.
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