Harry Reid Hit As ‘Brain Dead,’ ‘Off His Meds’ By Conservatives After Koch Criticisms

I think that Senator Harry Reid did a huge service to the American people by getting the Koch brothers out of the shadows and into the spotlight. I have signed the petition promising to boycott Koch industries products and my goodness are they everywhere! What would be really helpful to the American people would be if 60 Minutes would examine exactly how much the Koch brothers seek to influence the lives of Americans with all of their political contributions and their political ad campaigns, especially those that have been showing Obamacare “horror” stories that had to be investigated and debunked after the fact. What the Robert’s Supreme Court did with the McCutchen Ruling is allow the Koch brothers even more power and influence on our political process than they already had with Citizens United as if that weren’t enough of an abomination on our democracy. The Koch brothers say that what they stand for is the individual freedom to make what you want with your life, but that is a lie, what they are really saying is that they want the freedom to make as much money that they can and that they will bulldoze over everyone else’s economic, political and social freedoms in order for that to happen. They are also saying basically is that since they have the weight of their billions on their side, tough on the rest of us. I say that in our democracy, one person, one vote, irrespective of money. End of story.
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