To Hit Back at Kochs, Democrats Revive Tactic That Hurt Romney

Now more than ever before, we need to find a way to bring every single connection that the Koch brothers have with super-pacs, all of their subsidiaries, K Street, ALEC and their entire empire out into the glaring light of public scrutiny and how they are all entangled in our political process. I believe that all of America would be shocked as to how far and how deep they have embedded themselves into the corridors of power. I sincerely believe that the insidious devaluation of middle class wages and income wasn’t only for greater profits, I think that the 1% also wanted to force families into overtime work frenzy to keep them pre-occupied away from the political process and how it was being co-opted by these billionaires. It is hard to keep up with the news and also to become activist citizens when you are working either two jobs, or living in a two income family or working longer and longer hours to provide the same levels of income just to stay afloat. An educated citizenry is vital to democracy, but who aside from the wealthy, has time to put in to be a properly educated citizenry especially now that our media has been bought and paid for by corporations who have no interest in investigating the news, only in parroting the corporate memo. The grand Reagan experiment has yielded disastrous results for the middle class, it is our responsibility to launch a new experiment to reverse the tide.
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