Gingrich: Remove All Donation Limits To ‘Equalize The Middle Class And The Rich’

Doesn’t Bill Kristol see by his own words that in effect our democracy will become our government sold to the highest bidder? Instead of trying to give the wealthy cover by saying that not all 1%’s are happy with the outcome, he should be recognizing the auction-like atmosphere. Now let’s move on to Newt, is he stuck in the 1990’s? Where did he find a middle class family that has the kind of money available to throw at a campaign just for kicks? What does middle class mean anyway nowadays? I look around me and every family I know doesn’t have the savings account that families used to have back in the seventies. I see that between college and elderly care, the ever increasing costs of living which do not match wages, there isn’t money left to give in political donations to the political candidates. I have to say that just with these two examples, Gingrich and Kristol, illustrates just how out of touch the Republican Party mentality is with the reality of most Americans, how do republican candidates win seats? I realize that the republican messaging machine is very good, but there are cracks and aren’t these cracks big enough to reflect the true nature of the Republican Party economic agenda; use what ever policy tool to direct all economic gain upwards. We have the proof that austerity economics doesn’t work, what else can we do to persuade voters to vote for their own interests?
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