Elizabeth Warren Picks A Fight With Paul Ryan

I am so proud to be able to call Elizabeth Warren my senator; given her background in academics, I understand completely why senator Warren is considered by others as an intellectual, but I would hardly put Paul Ryan in the same category, his budgets may inspire his political colleagues with their slash and burn tactics, but serious economists critique his budgets because the numbers simply don’t add up, hardly the work of an intellectual. Moreover his single-minded pursuit of austerity economics doesn’t work in the real world and we now see the I.M.F, the World Bank and the European economic council reversing their previous recommendations. Senator Warren has been a strong voice for the people and everything that she advocates for makes sense and has the goal to put Americans back to work with living wages, eliminate the imbalance of power between the creditors and the debtors, and to try to stop the deregulation train wreck from continuing; if she can find a way to reinstate Glass-Steagal she will have done the American people and our economy a huge service. I hope that senator Warren beats back Paul Ryan’s budget with her strong intellect and her capacity to make complex financial issues very understandable to the lay person. I know that a debate between the two would have a clear winner and that would be senator Warren
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