Bill O’Reilly: Stephen Colbert Is Destroying America

Oh papa bear, why don’t you get it? Well I have a feeling that Stephen will clue you in a little more this week as to what you just can’t seem to get about the issue with inequality as opposed to equality. While you spend you time vilifying the left and its progressives, you gloss over the important facts that exist in the real world. Progressives fight for inclusion, all human beings are created equal and therefore should have opportunities and possibilities open to them. Moreover, progressives are fighting for a tax code and financial regulations that treat all parties fairly and equitably. Papa bear what you do not understand is the nuance between equal and equitable, between entitlement for the wealthy and hard earned social insurance for the working man, the life of the privileged and the lives of the working poor which more or less means the middle class nowadays, sadly for us. So yes papa bear go on the offensive against Stephen, you have to, in order to distract from the fact that deep down you know that he is right and you are scared that as he continues to agitate the millions who are left holding the bag while you and your fellow wealthy whine and criticize the people for having your feelings hurt, something might actually happen to disrupt the comfortable apple cart that your tax bracket has so carefully balanced. I know that Stephen has hit a nerve when you lash out in frustration.
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