Senate Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act For Third Time

Has the Republican Party always been so misogynistic? It is only right and just that when the private sector fails to operate under common decency codes, the government needs to step in to moderate and push these companies to do the right thing. Government is here to represent us the people and when our voice and our rights are being silenced or trampled by big corporate institutions, we the people need an institution of equal size to stand up for our rights. The great Teddy Roosevelt himself saw our government as the champion of the people and the public domain, if only the Republican Party could be more representative of Teddy’s moral vision than of say Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Between the Republican Party’s assault on women’s personal reproductive freedoms and their assault on women’s earning potential which economically are in reality tied together, how are women supposed to thrive in our society? Is the republican answer really all about women staying at home, which isn’t a bad thing, but unless they support living wages all around, I don’t see how that can happen. I am perplexed as to what solutions the Republican Party has in store for your average American person; they are against, mandating through the government, living wages, equal pay, paid sick days and so on. They, to the one, believe these issues best left to the market and yet what is their solution when the market doesn’t do anything?
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  1. ebrew79 · · Reply

    Not surprising! What’s surprising is Mitch McConnell thinks that people believe the Republicans when they say they care about paycheck fairness.

  2. I guess it’s the republican ideology bubble,McConnell is a prisoner of that bubble just like so many of his colleagyues.

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