Busy Day For House GOP: Blocks Bills On Minimum Wage, Equal Pay, LGBT Rights, Mine Safety

It is difficult for me to not get angry when I hear a republican lawmaker make claims about how they are working hard to help the working families of America when in reality everything that they write up as bills or vote against bills written up by democrats does the opposite. Back in the 1950’s when the corporate tax code wasn’t riddled with loopholes, corporate taxes helped fund infrastructure and education; starting from the 1970’s when the tax code allowed for profits to be put elsewhere, the states lost a lot of revenue from the federal government, we wonder how our higher education became so expensive, well its because corporations aren’t required to do their fair share anymore, they are the takers. The republican ideology of low tax rates and tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporate America has funneled away all of the investment and infrastructure building from the core of our nation to the outer shell of the wealthiest. We may have a pretty outside in certain areas, but inside we are hollow because nothing is being sustained from the ground up. When your foundation is in trouble, eventually even the most beautiful building in the world will come crashing down and that is what the republican ideology is doing to our nation, it is bringing it down with its race to the bottom. Our foundation is crumbling as we are begging the Republican Party for mere crumbs and they sit back and say no.
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