Obama Slams Female GOP Candidate Who Said Women Don’t Care So Much About Equal Pay (UPDATE)

Really!?, Ms. Land is going to defend republican ideology and attack President Obama for critiquing her party for standing in the way of progress!? I understand the need for flexibility in the workplace, but why does that have to come at the expense of wages? It seems to me that in the republican mindset, the top positions are the only ones that have the luxury of the sky is the limit, whereas everyone else needs to be prepared to race to the bottom. They Republican Party has for a long time enjoyed the upper hand when it came to talking points and the language game, but reality does have a pesky habit of supplanting fantasy after awhile and the reality is that our economy is reflecting the losing proposition that is the republican economic philosophy. If they haven’t yet noticed, our society and our economy has become a division between the Have’s and the Have-Not’s. Bill Maher had an excellent point at the end of his show last friday; he broke it down by restaurants and retail, the Tiffany’s are doing exceptionally well as are the Dollar Stores, whereas the Sears, the J.C Penny’s and the Olive Gardens are crying into their red inked financial spreadsheets. I am sick and tired of the naysayers; we can’t impose a financial transaction tax on Wall Street, we can’t demand equal pay, we can’t demand that the wealthy pay their fair share; enough with the naysaying, it’s time to act, end of story.
read the article:


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