Sally Jewell’s Frustrating First Year In Washington

Our planet doesn’t operate as a corporation; we don’t get to put back in what we have siphoned out. Our public lands are robust, but will only stay robust if we honor them and treat them as the gift that they are. The first mistake made was allowing private corporate entities to think that they have a right and a profit minded stake in our public domain. I disagree with the republican mindset that thinks that public lands should be open to oil and gas drilling.. We should honor Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy, I find it sad that the current Republican Party and its leadership have disavowed Teddy Roosevelt and all of his accomplishments and most importantly his worldview. Teddy Roosevelt firmly believed that our government had an important role in keeping the economic, social and environmental balance of power on an equitable keel against the might of the corporate size and power base. Isn’t it obvious that the Republican Party is in reality the party of takers and moreover, they do everything to direct big monies to those takers in the form of subsidies and tax cuts. They complain of the redistribution of wealth, meanwhile they have done everything in their power to make sure that their donors are good and happy at the expense of everyone else in the poorer brackets My point is that there has to be a line drawn where we keep something pure and sacred in our public domain, shouldn’t it be our National Parks?
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